I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to lecture and tutor at three Western Australian universities.  This not only allows me to teach a variety of subjects, but introduces me to a wide-range of interesting students!  Although it does mean lots of faces to remember…  Some of the courses I have been involved in are described below.

Curtin University

Undergraduate courses within the Department of Environment and Agriculture:

Postgraduate courses within the Department of Petroleum Engineering:

University of Notre Dame

In the past, I have lectured for the Foundations of Environmental Education unit, where I taught communication skills and how to design environmental education activities.  I also lectured in protected area management for the Natural Resource Management unit.

University of Western Australia

Within the science communication branch, I tutored for SCOM 1101 Introduction to Scientific Practices unit which taught students basic scientific skills and different methods of communication.  I also tutored in the ENVT2250 Ecology unit, which covers various ecological topics such as invasive species management, fire ecology, and experimental design.


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