Decoding the Deep

As computer systems continue to improve, there is an increased ability to complete tasks using artificial intelligence. A computer system can be trained to perceive its environment, make decisions, and take actions. One of the methods for achieving this is machine learning, where machines ‘learn’ tasks from without the need for explicit programming. A subset of this is deep learning, where algorithms automatically learn what features are useful. Given sufficient training, these techniques can process large, complex datasets to reveal important patterns.

I am currently exploring the use of machine learning and deep learning to analyse acoustic datasets. “Decoding the Deep: Applying artificial intelligence to marine soundscapes” is an interdisciplinary project between marine biologists, acousticians, cosmologists, and computer scientists. It aims to develop innovative computational methods for automatic classification of sound sources in underwater acoustic data.


Professor David Bacon – University of Portsmouth

Professor Alex Ford – University of Portsmouth

Dr Ivan Jordanov – University of Portsmouth

Dr Regina Kolzenburg  – University of Portsmouth

Mr Yongqiang Lu – University of Portsmouth

Dr Hongjie Ma – University of Portsmouth

Professor Edward Smart – University of Portsmouth

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