Media Coverage

My research has featured in a range of televised reports, radio shows,  newspapers, magazines, and other media platforms.


Unseen but not Unheard: The problem of ocean noise pollution. ECO Magazine. [Interview – Read!]


Isle of Wight marine mammal survey. Wave 105 Radio. [Interview]

Islanders asked to contribute to Isle of Wight marine mammal sightings. Island Echo. [Report – Read!]

Have you seen marine mammals on the Isle of Wight? Isle of Wight Radio. [Report – Read!]

Public asked to contribute to Isle of Wight marine mammal sightings. Isle of Wight Observer. [Report – Read!]

Public asked to contribute to Isle of Wight marine mammal sightings. University of Portsmouth. [Press Release]

Seal the Deal: Amorous mammals forced to contend with cruise ships. The Guardian. [Interview – Read!]


Canary Island whales see a sudden spike in ship strike. Hakai Magazine. [Report – Read!]

Does climate change mean marine life is moving? BBC News Online. [Interview – Watch!]

Thames humpback whale killed by ship – the casualty of a global problem. The Conversation UK. [Article – Read!]

Australian shark attack. ITV News. [Report]

Ask an Acoustician. Acoustics Today magazine. [Interview – Read!]

Walruses and Climate Change. BBC Radio 4 Today programme. [Interview – Listen!]

Marine life typically thrives in the tropics – so why do whales prefer the poles? The Conversation UK. [Article – Read!]


Round the world yachtsman recording unique underwater soundscape. Reuters UK. [Report – Watch!]

Science and sailing come together in a world record attempt. That’s TV Solent. [Report – Watch!]

University to do research on record sail. The News newspaper. [Report – Read!]

Researchers aim to produce the first global underwater soundscape. University of Portsmouth. [Press Release – Read!]


Graduate Profiles. Research and Development Magazine. [Interview – Read!]


Making a Splash Across the World. Voice Magazine. [Report – Read!]

My Science Story. Discovering Conservation magazine. [Interview – Read!]

Three Minute Thesis: Big Ideas, Small Timeframe. ABC News TV show. [Interview – Read!]

Three Minute Thesis. ABC Lateline TV show. [Report – Watch!]

Three Minutes of Dolphins, Noise and Men Wins! Campus Review magazine. [Report – Read!]

Speaking Out Pays Off. Melville Times newspaper. [Report – Read!]

Shy Talker Turns to her Passion. Southern Gazette newspaper. [Report]

Three Minutes to Thrill. The Post newspaper. [Report – Read!]

Curtin Student Crowned 3MT Champion. Curtin University. [Press Release – Read!]

Studying Dolphins. ABC Kimberley Radio. [Interview]

Dolphins of Roebuck Bay. Radio Goolari. [Interview]

The Sound Environment. Radio Goolari. [Interview]

Dolphin Watch. Destination WA TV show. [Interview – Watch!]


Aberdeen student wins BBC Wildlife award. University of Aberdeen. [Press Release – Read!]

The Pod-Father. BBC Wildlife Magazine. [Article]