My Lab

I have had the pleasure of supervising a number of post-docs, PhD students, Masters students, Honours students, and volunteers.

An overview of people and projects are listed below. A selection of student theses are available via the Marley Lab page on ResearchGate.

Research Associates

2019-20  Regina KolzenburgDecoding the Deep: Applying artificial intelligence to marine soundscapes”

2019-20  Yongqiang LuDecoding the Deep: Applying artificial intelligence to marine soundscapes”

PhD Students

2020-21 Gonzalo AraujoEcology of whale sharks in the Philippines” [PhD by Publication]

2019-23 Lucy Martin “Marine wood-borer attack viewed from a zoological perspective to inform evaluation of wood modification processes”

2019-22 James Robbins “Vessel collisions with large whales – behavioural responses and areas of risk”

2018-22 Diana Rocha “Impacts of swim-with-dolphin tourism to a resident population of dolphins”

MRes Students

2021-22 Michael ScalesUnderstand the socio-economic value, and tourists perceptions of blue shark tourism in the UK

2021-22 Gemma ScottsUnderstand the socio-cultural relationship of anglers with blue sharks in the UK

MSc Students

2022-23 Eve Schulte “Impact of larch felling on goshawk breeding success”

2022-23 Abi Ledwith “A novel approach to monitoring wader abundance and productivity”

2020-21 Phylippa Foster “Haul-out behaviour of the Solent Seals”

2019-20 Robyne Castles “Occurrence of marine mammals around the Isle of Wight”

2019-20 Anirban Ganguly “Remote sensing of seal haul-out behaviour in Poole Harbour”

2019-20 Helen Webb “Changing harbour porpoise distributions around the UK”

2018-19 Emma Bell “Identification of areas of importance for beaked whales in the Bay of Biscay”

2018-19 Stephanie Hollanda “Predictive models of harbour porpoise density from platforms of opportunity data in the North Sea”

2018-19 Christian Rivers-Martin “Anthropogenic disturbance of harbour seals in Chichester Harbour”

2018-19 Joseph Stephens “Haul-out patterns of harbour seals in Chichester Harbour”

Honours Students

2021-22 Andrea Gray “Records of cetaceans stranded in European Seas”

2020-21 Chloe Allen “Sex-specific scarring patterns in bottlenose dolphins in Mozambique”

2020-21 Maia BehmberPublic perceptions of shark conservation in the UK”

2020-21 Liam ChantChanges in seagrass coverage within the Solent”

2020-21 Natasha Fresson “Acoustic occurrence of delphinids around Jersey”

2020-21 Samuel Gollop “The summer marine soundscape of Langstone Harbour”

2020-21 Thomas Hunt “The prevalence of ectoparasites in bottlenose dolphins in Mozambique”

2020-21 Jasmine Leggo “Public perceptions of marine mammal conservation in the UK”

2020-21 Laura McConnell “Age-specific scarring patterns in bottlenose dolphins in Mozambique”

2020-21 Sophie SmithAcoustic occurrence of harbour porpoise around Jersey

2020-21 Theo Vickers “Marine mammal occurrence in the English Channel”

2020-21 Shaye Wettner “Prevalence of shark bites in bottlenose dolphins in Mozambique”

2019-20 George Constantinou “Promoting sea turtle conservation through science outreach activities”

2019-20 Michael Scales “Occurrence of marine mammals around Jersey using citizen science data”

2019-20 Gemma Scotts “Spatio-temporal patterns of elasmobranch diversity around Jersey”

2019-20 Edward Smith “Using photographic-identification to monitor harbour seal abundance and site fidelity in the Solent”

2019-20 Margarida Vieira “Population composition and distribution of loggerhead sea turtles along Argostoli Harbour and Koutavos Lagoon, Greece”

2019-20 Ryan Young “The underwater soundscape of Langstone Harbour in spring”

2018-19 Robyne Castles “Monitoring population trends of the Solent seals”

2018-19 Charles Kulczyk “Spatial and temporal distribution of shorebirds within Chichester Harbour”

2018-19 Lucy Martin “An exploration of the underwater soundscape of Langstone Harbour”

2018-19 Fiona Woods “Use and usefulness of photographic-identification in harbour seals”