My Lab

Based at the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of Portsmouth, I supervise a number of post-docs, PhD students, Masters students, Honours students, and volunteers.

An overview of people and projects are listed below. For full details, see the Marley Lab page on ResearchGate.


2019-20  TBC  “Decoding the Deep: Applying artificial intelligence to marine soundscapes”

PhD Students

2019-22 James Robbins “Vessel collisions with large whales – behavioural responses and areas of risk”

2018-21 Diana Rocha “Sustainability of a dolphin-swim program inside a marine protected area”

Masters Students

2018-19 Emma Bell “Identification of areas of importance for beaked whales in the Bay of Biscay”

2018-19 Stephanie Hollanda “Predictive models of harbour porpoise density from platforms of opportunity data in the North Sea”

2018-19 Christian Rivers-Martin “Anthropogenic disturbance of harbour seals in Chichester Harbour”

2018-19 Joseph Stephens “Haul-out patterns of harbour seals in Chichester Harbour”

Honours Students

2018-19 Robyne Castles “Monitoring population trends of the Solent seals”

2018-19 Charles Kulczyk “Spatial and temporal distribution of shorebirds within Chichester Harbour”

2018-19 Lucy Martin “An exploration of the underwater soundscape of Langstone Harbour”

2018-19 Fiona Woods “Use and usefulness of photographic-identification in harbour seals”