Public Perceptions of Marine Conservation

The ocean is increasingly facing threats from human activities, and mitigating these requires the support of the general public. However, many people see little or no connection between their actions and ocean health. It is therefore important to monitor and assess public perceptions of the marine environment, as this will help us understand how we can change them for effective conservation.

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Two of my undergraduate students at the University of Portsmouth are studying this topic for their Honours theses. They have created an online survey with questions about marine conservation in general and marine megafauna in particular. Now we are looking for people to complete the survey!

To participate, you must be an adult living in the UK. All answers are anonymous and voluntary, and if at any point you no longer wish to participate then you can simply close the webpage. Your answers will be used to investigate whether any patterns exist in how people perceive the marine environment.

If you would like to participate, please follow this link:

We would also appreciate it if you could share this link far and wide! This will help us to collect a diversity of viewpoints. We will be closing the survey at the end of March.


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