I have taught at a tertiary level in both the UK and Australia.  This not only allows me to teach a variety of subjects, but introduces me to a wide-range of interesting students!  Although it does mean lots of faces to remember…  Some of the courses I have been involved in are described below. I also supervise a number of Honours, Masters and PhD students (see Current Research).

First-year Undergraduate

  • Biodiversity and Evolution (Lecturer; University of Portsmouth)
  • Biological Computing (Tutor; Curtin University)
  • Experimental Biology (Lecturer; University of Portsmouth)
  • Graduate Skills (Tutor; University of Portsmouth)
  • Scientific Practices (Tutor; University of Western Australia)

Second-year Undergraduate

  • Animal Science (Lecturer; University of Portsmouth)
  • Community Ecology (Lecturer; University of Portsmouth)
  • Ecology (Tutor; University of Western Australia)
  • Marine Biodiversity (Lecturer; Curtin University)
  • Quantitative Biology (Tutor; Curtin University)

Third-year Undergraduate

  • Advanced Marine Science and Technology (Lecturer; Curtin University)
  • Environmental Education (Lecturer; University of Notre Dame)
  • Marine Ecophysiology (Lecturer; University of Portsmouth)
  • Marine Research Skills (Lecturer; University of Portsmouth)
  • Natural Resource Management (Lecturer; University of Notre Dame)


  • Environmental Surveying (Unit Coordinator and Lecturer; Curtin University)
  • Quantitative Biology (Tutor; Curtin University)